Wildlife in stained glass
  Bald Eagle Panel

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Bald eagle in majestic gliding flight over the mountains
Size: 22" Wide x 18" High Price:$ 270.00 cdn
Categories: All, Animals/Birds, Panels, Windows Special Order
Catalog# 00008
  Bald Eagle Bevel Cluster

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Eagle bevel cluster highlights the clear and black baroque mountains,wispy clear and white iridescent sky and gray water glass for the water, surrounded by black water glass and 2" bevels. All framed in a solid oak frame ready to hang.
Size: 42" Wide x 30" High Price:$ 1,900.00 cdn
Categories: All, Animals/Birds, Bevels, Panels Special Order
Catalog# 00102
  Big Horn Mountain Sheep

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Big horn mountain sheep ram bevel set with the Ram looking over his mountain domain at sunset.
Size: 17" Wide x 17" High Price:$ 465.00 cdn
Categories: All, Animals/Birds, Bevels, Panels Special Order
Catalog# 00098
  Blue Herons

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A commissioned panel ordered by a client for her girl friends 50th birthday. Blue heron in the foreground and a smaller blue heron in the background.
Size: 16" Wide x 36" High Price:$ 280.00 cdn
Categories: All, Animals/Birds, Panels, Scenery, Windows
Catalog# 00110

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