Stained glass abstract designs
  Abstract Free Form Panel

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Aqua streaky and aqua waterglass surrounded with clear textured iridescent glass
Size: 9" Wide x 20" High Price:$ 105.00 cdn
Categories: All, Abstracts, Panels
Catalog# 00003
  Abstract Freeform

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Varied colors and textures create an eye appealing panel. No two will ever be quite the same
Size: 16" Wide x 21" High Price:$ 185.00 cdn
Categories: All, Abstracts, Miscellaneous, Panels Special Order
Catalog# 00104
  Clear Texture Octagon Panel

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Assorted clear textures including some iridescent glass and 8 bevels
Size: 20" W x 0" H x 20" D Price:$ 215.00 cdn
Categories: All, Abstracts, Bevels, Geometric, Panels Special Order
Catalog# 00101
  Entry Door Window Panel

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Abstract design with light refracting bevels using complimentary color and texture of aqua, burgundy and clear to make up this rectangle entry door window.
Size: 24" Wide x 32" High Price:$ 420.00 cdn
Categories: All, Abstracts, Bevels, Panels, Windows Special Order
Catalog# 00025

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